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Over time, TechnoPark Ltd has expanded into the major player of the civil, mechanical, electrical and energy related industries that we see today and are established in every kind of technical field. As the engineering industry has successfully operated we have additional opportunity in the Elevator / Escalator installations in high-rise buildings. Thus the strategic direction of the company was changed to benefit from these opportunities. That decision was very cautious, which is why the company now is medium in size, with increased staff levels and sales.

We are full of interesting creative ideas!

Do you know what we have in our pockets? They aren’t filled with Gold! They are the most creative and influential professionals with the “to-do” attitude that are worth more. The ideas the generate; the powerful management they have in their hands in top-of-the-notch. 


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TechnoPark offers Flexibility to its staff – it's a great way to get your job done, but when you do it, Do you like a break in the mid-afternoon? You can take one and probably even take a laser tag in the office.

Strong Leaders

A strong leader, good or bad, is responsible for the results of the squad. Employees are accountable for their actions and their staff, who create a sense of responsibility between the team.

Best Education

Our Professionals are experts with the in-hand facilities around the market; they are trained and educated to provide state of the art functionalities for our clients.

Client Oriented

And When it comes to Customer Relationships, we got it all! Our Customers are the reasons we are here and we do our best to take care of our clients requirements. You have doubts? Give our previous Customers a call and be amazed!

Rich Experience

Professional trained with years of experience in the industry! Take a closer look at what we do, how we do and the skyscrapers of a technological empire is built! Thank us

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