TechnoPark has devised its own QHSE policy which is a key and critical factor while considering any business conducted by TechnoPark.

It is as follows:

We, at TechnoPark, provide an excellent healthy and safe environment for all our employees promoting well being fair, impartial treatment at work.

Achieving Satisfaction of its Clients by meeting their requirements.

TechnoPark follows and complies applicable local and international occupational health & safety standards along with local applicable laws & regulations.

No employee of TechnoPark is allowed to do any job without considering and fulfilling health & safety requirements. Specific project requirements will be conveyed to every worker at all levels

Occupational health & safety management is integrated into our business and processes. TechnoPark Management is responsible to ensure the implementation of all health & safety procedures

TechnoPark strives to continuously improve its health & safety performance through risk management, implementing effective control measures, preventing any incidents and/or accidents, ill health which enhance our employees health & safety and provides them a confident of working in an accident free environment

TechnoPark will show its commitment towards health & safety by providing all tools, equipment and procedures to its workers which are essential for implementing health & safety.